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The DVD of “One Tree” workshop by Jarrod Dahl is now on sale. The video was recorded during the five-day green woodworking course at Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture on 17th- 21st March 2018. The DVD contains the detail instructions by Jarrod on:

Wood splitting (6’25”)

13 types of knife work (21’11”)

Shrink pot making (29’11”)

Cutting board making (10’50”)

Painting and chip carving (7’20”)

Knife sheath making (10’58”)

Knife sharpening (3’14”)

Spoon carving (23’19”)

Jarrod Dahl interview about his thoughts on crafts. (19’26”)


This is the first DVD in Japanese introducing modern green woodworking techniques. There is a choice of DVD (JPY3,000) or online streaming (JPY2,500).


“One Tree” workshop

Instruction: Jarrod Dahl

Translation: Masashi Kutsuwa

Language: English with Japanese subtitles

Organized by: Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture, Green Woodwork Lab

Production: boum (Hiroaki Mutoh)

Sales: Green Woodwork Lab (Shinsuke Kato)

One Tree - DIGEST


This DVD is "DVD-R DL (Dual Layer)" with Region-Free, NTSC format. Many of recent DVD players has a built-in format converter, so you should be able to play the video no matter where you live. If your DVD player doesn't work, try the DVD drive on your computer. The system of DVD drive is different from DVD player, so it should play any DVD no matter what format it is. 



JPY 3,000



International Parcel Post takes about 7-14 days.  JPY 800

Express Mail Service (EMS) takes about 3-5 days.  JPY 2,100


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 ▼Online streaming

You can watch the same video by online streaming. The system requires your email address, either Gmail or another address that is registered to your Google account, as we use the file sharing system on Google drive. 

Once you purchase the online streaming via Paypal, the video files are shared to your Google drive. You will receive a notification email and you can start watching them. The files are only available to watch while your devices are connected to the internet as the files are not allowed to be downloaded. The procedure will take one day. Please contact us if you don’t receive the notification email after three days.  Contact :greenwoodworklab@gmail.com 

JPY 2,500


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